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Welcome to the Stock Loan division of BHP Capital Markets. BHP Capital Markets is the premier global provider of stock loan, block purchase and alternative liquidity products, specializing in local markets all over the world. BHP Capital Markets is a division of BHP Markets, an international financial institution.

Today's global marketplace is dominated by the threat of market volatility and credit risk. BHP's flagship loan product, ICON, is an ideal solution for shareholders who need to hedge their portfolios while retaining as much liquidity as possible. The ICON share financing solution is a stock loan which provides the highest level of liquidity against publicly traded equities at the most attractive market interest rates.

In addition to stock loan facilities, BHP offers a block purchase solution for clients in possession of concentrated security positions. BHP can analyze, offer terms to purchase, and then close on a block of securities in less than two business days.

BHP Capital Markets is active in Asia, Europe, South America and Canada. BHP's team of experienced professionals is ready to work with you. Please click to request a quote now.

BHP Capital Markets offers stock loan and block purchase solutions in markets all over the world. BHP is active in Asia, South America, Europe, Canada and Mexico. For your reference, a list of open and available marketplaces is available for download here.

At this time, BHP Capital Markets does not provide any financing against publicly traded securities in the United States of America, nor are we able to transact with citizens of the United States of America.

Stock Loans

Stock secured financing and equity lending is a relatively new concept in the global marketplace. For a number of years, stock loans and equity loans were only available to high net worth clients with accounts at large international institutions.

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Block Purchases

BHP is a specialist at providing liquidity for clients in possession of concentrated security positions. Clients in need of a block purchase transactions usually need rapid liquidity for an investment opportunity or to handle a debt...

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